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The Vignelli Dialogue – Lessons from the past to develop our future

  • 07. - 12.06.2022
  • Milano

Invitation to the SaloneSatellite. Milano from 07 – 12 June 2022  I  booth S16

Lella and Massimo Vignelli have set standards for Design and Modernism in the United States and Europe in the 20th century. With their credo „Design is One“ they proposed a holistic view on Design; with the „Vignelli Canon“ they postulated a philosophy and criteria for timelessness in Design.

The collaborative project, „The Vignelli Dialogue“ between Folkwang University of the Arts, Essen, Germany (Industrial Design, Prof. Marion Digel, Sebastian Goldschmidtböing) and „The Vignelli Centre for Design Studies“ of Rochester Institute of Technology, NY, USA (Josh Owen) had the goal to juxtapose a design philosophy born in 20th century Modernism with the challenges of current and future developments of the 21st century.

You are invited to  witness how we transformed our own visions and experiences into the design of a product, not only reflecting the Vignelli philosophy but also having the developments and concerns of the 21st century in mind, like sustainability, technology and society changes.

Against this backdrop, reflecting these challenges in relation to the Vignelli Ethos, the exhibition presents eight products designed by us, the Industrial Design Master Students Maximilian Ewert, Steffen Kauenhowen, Celina Kroder, Qingyao Lin, Lea Mader, Anna Oestreich, Cornelius Richter and Alina Rogge.

Everyday we will feature a “Vignelli Dialogue” between a prominent guest and a student about principles like timelessness, minimalism or open design and their impact towards sustainable futures. These Dialogues will be posted as Instagram stories. We will send you the names and line-up of our guests as soon as possible!

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